BOBBI KRISTINA CALLS OUT WHITNEY'S FRIENDS DURING OPRAH INTERVIEW: During last night's special episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter", BOBBI KRISTINA spoke openly with OPRAH about losing her mother, WHITNEY HOUSTON, and how she's coping with her death. Oprah didn't really address the more controversial aspects of Whitney's death and instead spoke about Whitney's role as Bobbi's mother and the legacy she left behind.

Bobbi Kristina used the opportunity to call out Houston's supposed friends, who showed more support after Whitney passed than they did when she was still alive. When Oprah spoke about being at the memorial service and thinking, "Gosh I wish there was a way we could have all come together and loved her while she was here," Bobbi responded, "Yeah, exactly. It's like where were you when she was, where were you when she needed someone?"

DOES BOBBI WANT A NAME CHANGE???: TMZ is reporting that Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina wants to change her name to just 'Kristina Houston' "because of its association with her father Bobby Brown." The gossip site claims she wanted to switch to Kristina Houston when her parents first split, in 2006, but her mother didn't allow it at the time. Now that Whitney isn’t there to oppose her decision, friends of Bobbi Kristina think she just may take the legal steps to do so.

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER CELEBRITY NUDE PHOTOS SCANDAL: HEATHER MORRIS from "Glee" had her cell phone hacked over the weekend, and, yes, it was full of pictures of her in various stages of nakedness and naughtiness. (If you don't watch the show, Heather plays the blonde cheerleader 'Brittany.')

Eight of the photos show her naked from the front, and nine others show her in naughty poses wearing clothes or underwear. The nekkid full frontals, however, either don't show her face or just partially show her face so there is a chance they could be bogus. And then there's this one, which looks like a bad Photoshop job ...

Here are a couple of her in various stages of undress. You’ll have to Google the naked ones, cochino!

MADONNA INJURED IN REHEARSALS: MADONNA is nursing a cut lip and numerous bruises after she was injured in rehearsals for her new music video, "Girl Gone Wild." Madge posted these photos of her bruised leg and swollen and cut lip on Facebook over the weekend ...

KRIS HUMPHRIES WANTS KIM TO GIVE HIM $7 MIL OR IT’S GOING TO GET UGLY:KRIS HUMPHRIES wants KIM KARDASHIAN to put up or he won't shut up. TMZ says the New Jersey bballer is demanding his estranged wife give him $7 million "or she'll have to endure a potentially ugly public trial."

If you recall, Kim has been telling everyone who'll listen that she didn't make a dime off her wedding. But sources close to Humphries have told TMZ that he and Kim opened a joint bank account to dump everything they made off their walk down the aisle. At the very least, the sources say they got some cash for selling the wedding photos. Kris claims he hasn’t taken anything from the account, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want money from Kim, though. He's reportedly asking her for $7 million to let go of his anger and walk away. Otherwise, he's threatening to drag her through an ugly, public divorce trial.

Kim has reportedly told him where to stick it. It's not clear how he can claim to be legally entitled to that kind of money, though. He'd basically have to prove that the marriage was a fraud. And while many people believe that, there isn't really any hard and fast evidence. As far as what he's entitled to as Kim's ex, well, the answer there is basically ZERO. They had a pretty ironclad prenup.

SPLITSVILLE - POPULATION DENNIS QUAID: DENNIS QUAID'S wife has filed for divorce. According to court papers, Kimberly Buffington-Quaid is ending the marriage because things have "become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities." The papers go on to state there is no chance of reconciliation.

ALL GROWN UP – ‘CURLY SUE’: Not only is Curly Sue all grown up, she’s married and pregnant! Alisan Porter -- best known as the star of the 1991 movie “Curly Sue” – made the BIG MISTAKE Saturday.

Porter tweeted these pics over the weekend …