BABY BLUE GOES HOME: BEYONCE and JAY-Z have taken baby Blue home. Lenox Hill Hospital confirmed that the couple took their daughter home early Tuesday morning.  According to the New York Daily News, Bey, Z, and Blue snuck out of Lenox Hill at around 1:30 am. Two SUVs with tinted windows were spotted blocking traffic in order to allow a van, allegedly with the family inside, to pass.




KIM KARDASHIAN REPLACED BY DOG IN SUPER BOWL AD: During last year's Super Bowl, KIM KARDASHIAN appeared in a much-talked about ad for Skechers. But this year the sneaker company has chosen to feature a French bulldog instead. A rep for the shoe company insists they did not drop Kim because of her recent run of bad publicity, although no one really believes that.

BRITNEY SPEARS - SHEDDING FOR THE WEDDING OR BAD PHOTOSHOPPING???: Either BRITNEY SPEARS lost a considerable amount of weight in the last week or she's the latest victim of bad celebrity magazine Photoshopping.

Check out how incredibly lean she appears in the above photo shoot for the upcoming issue of "V" magazine and compare it to the photo of herself below that she tweeted last week. We Report, You Decide ...

KE$HA $HOWS U$ HER TWEET$: KE$HA has an announcement. “animals! I just shaved the side of my head! wanna see a pic???” the pop star tweeted. You know you want to.

LOHAN LUNACY - LINDSAY SLAPPED BY IRS, SUED BY PHOTOG: LINDSAY LOHAN was hit with a double dose of bad news yesterday. First came word that the IRS has filed a lien against her for failing to pay $93,000 in income taxes from 2009. Then we heard she's being sued by a photographer who claims he was injured when a car in which Lindsay was riding hit him in Hollywood back in January of 2010.  There was some good news, too. Word is LiLo is in talks to play ELIZABETH TAYLOR in an upcoming biopic.

COVER SHOT: The world has not been kind to CHRISTINA AGUILERA lately, especially when it comes to her weight, but she ain't mad atcha. Here's what she tells the February issue of Marie Claire ...

"I've been through my highs, I've been through my lows...Being too thin. Being bigger. I've been criticized for being on both sides of the scale," she tells the February issue of Marie Claire. "It's noise I block out automatically." In fact, Christina adds, "I happen to be very confident in my own skin. It takes time to get to that place, but it's all about embracing yourself and your body." That's what us fat people say when we can't lose the weight. I should know. I've been saying that for years!

VS. - KATY HOLMS vs. CHRISTINA AGUILERA, WHO YOU GOT???: KATIE HOLMES is in "Mom Mode" so often that it's easy to forget she can look Super Sexy sometimes. Check her out in this photo for some jewelry line ...

It begs the question: Who looks sexier, Katie Holmes in her ad or Christina Aguilera in Marie Clair???

On a related Holmes note ... Someone is selling a four-ounce bottle of water on eBay that was supposedly taken from a pool in Miami after  Katie, TOM CRUISE, and their daughter Suri swam in it. The seller say the bottle -- labeled  "Tom Water" -- "can be used in rituals, potions, or perfumes. It can be dabbed behind the ears or on the wrists for good luck. You can ...[even]baptize your baby with it for all I care!" The starting bid is $100. As of this posting, no one has

DID 'THE BACHELOR' BEN FLAJNIK ADMIT HE DIDN'T FIND LOVE ON NEW SEASON???!!!: Monday's episode of "The Bachelor" only attracted 7.2 million viewers, which is the show's worst turnout over its 16-season run. Last week's season premiere didn't do much better. It had 7.7 million viewers. And new 'Bachelor' Ben Flajnik inferring yesterday he didn't find love isn't going to help!

Flajnik seemed to hint in a radio interview yesterday that yet another 'Bachelor' won't be walking down the aisle with his television true-love.  Asked if he was in "in love today and happy", Ben answered, "I'm happy I decided to become the bachelor. It's another one of those great experiences, another story I get to tell my potential children or grand children about someday, and for that I'm happy." The show, as we all know by now,  was taped months ago.

SNAPSHOT: JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is bringing hairy back! The newly engaged Timberlake re-emerged in Las Vegas Monday for the International Consumer Electronics Show -- without fiancee JENNIFER BIEL, but with a face full of hair ...

SHOWBIZ PHOTO LINKS: Not only does A-ROD's new girl, former WWE wrestler Tori Wilson, have a booming bikini body, she's got some cute puppies too!!! ... BEN AFFLECK and JENNIFER GARNER spent some alone time while running errands in Brentwood yesterday.