JENNIFER LOPEZ PUNISHES BOYFRIEND BY SLASHING HIS ALLOWANCE: Several weeks before FOX was ready to make the important announcement, Casper Smart spilled the beans that JENNIFER LOPEZ would be returning to the American Idol judging table.

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A backstage source proclaimed, “Jennifer caught hell from Idol producers. They wanted to hold a major press conference, not have a boyfriend leak it.” So, according to the National Enquirer, Jennifer went into action and punished her boy-toy. J-Lo supposedly placed the 26-year-old dancer in “time out” for 26 minutes. Then she cut his allowance by $2,500. Oh, no! How will Casper survive on just $7,500 per month?!

UPDATE - MICHAEL DOUGLAS/ZETA-JONES SPLIT CONFIRMED: Yesterday's rumor is today's truth -- MICHAEL DOUGLAS and CATHERINE ZETA-JONES have indeed separated. A rep for the couple confirmed the news to Us Weekly, saying, “Catherine and Michael are taking some time apart to evaluate and work on their marriage.”

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Although that statement makes it seem like a reconciliation is likely, London's Daily Mail is less hopeful. They claim Douglas has given up on the marriage, quoting one source as saying "reconciliation is not on his radar any more" and another maintaining that "Catherine is fighting to save the marriage but [Micheal's] had it."

Word on the street is that while neither side has made any moves toward divorce ... Douglas has consulted with lawyers. Catherine is currently holed up at their home in upstate New York, while Michael is relaxing aboard a friend's yacht in the Mediterranean. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

UPDATE - LAMAR ODOM RETURNS HOME: LAMAR ODOM has reportedly returned home to KHLOE KARDASHIAN, but so far he hasn’t made any decisions about going into treatment for his alleged addiction. After several days M.I.A., Lammie was back at his LA mansion Monday, where he and wifey are said to be discussing his problems. So far, neither side is moving toward divorce, with Khloe determined to get her husband clean.

Meanwhile ... TMZ has video of the baller hitting up a Taco Bell drive-thru near his and Khloe's home yesterday. The gossip site points out Odom's munchies run is "a good sign" because "one does not typically make food runs while zonked [on the crack]."

As far as his alleged drug problem ... TMZ insists Lamar’s problem is crack cocaine. Radaronline claims he’s been abusing OxyContin, which is why he was able to continue his drug use while playing in the NBA. Apparently Lamar had a valid prescription, so even if it was detected in a drug test it wasn’t considered a violation.

And Now, We Interrupt This Program For Things Miley Cyrus' Butt Looks Like … King of the Hill Hank Hill's butt

KATIE HOLMES - IS JAMIE FOXX HITTIN' DAT?!: JAMIE FOXX and KATIE HOLMES were seen getting cozy at a benefit in New York over the weekend, leading to speculation that they're getting all smoove up in each other.

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One source says nothing's going on, they're just old friends who go back to when Jamie starred with Katie's then-future husband TOM CRUISE in the movie "Collateral" in 2004. And the photos don't necessarily suggest they're anything but friends having a good time (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

But the name of this blog is The Hollywood DIRT Report so we won't accept a boring explanation like that!

TODAY IN CELEBRITY HAIR: "Nashville" star HAYDEN PANETTIERE showed up to The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday sporting a dramatic new look. Below is how she normally wears her hair ...

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But she hit up the late night show set rocking  platinum blonde hair and bangs cut to an eyebrow skimming length. (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

LIAM HEMSWORTH NOT HAPPY WITH MILEY'S VMA PERFORMANCE: You can add another name to the list of folks who hated MILEY CYRUS'S racy VMAs performance -- her fiance LIAM HEMSWORTH.

According to the not-always-reliable Radar Online, the twerk-fest left Liam feeling queasy and wondering if Miley's still the gal for him. A friend says, "Liam really does care about Miley, but her racy new look and sort of ghetto attitude isn’t exactly what he signed up for. He knows he can’t stay with her when this is who she’s become.” Miley and Liam have been off and on for the better part of a year now. At last check, in June, they were back on.

And Now, We Interrupt This Program For Things Miley Cyrus' Butt Looks Like … a raw chicken butt

'DANCING WITH THE STARS' CASTING RUMORS INCLUDE TERMINALLY ILL VALERIE HARPER: TV legend VALERIE HARPER is rumored to have signed on for the new season of Dancing With the Stars -- even though she's battling terminal brain cancer.

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Harper was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease earlier this year, and told she would only live until June, but since she's already beaten that estimate, she's pushing the envelope by appearing on DWTS. TMZ reports that she's two days into rehearsals and holding up remarkably well. The gossip site also claims the cast will include ELIZABETH BERKLEY, SNOOKI, LEAH REMINI, AMBER RILEY from "Glee", and singer CHRISTINA MILIAN.

Meanwhile ... Star magazine says JACK OSBOURNE is also doing it, despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last year, E! News is reporting former NFL wide receiver KEYSHAWN JOHNSON is onboard, and "In Touch Weekly" added JC CHASEZ from 'N SYNC and "Backdoor Teen Mom" FARRAH ABRAHAM to the mix. As usual, ABC wouldn't comment on any of the rumors. The official cast announcement will be made next Wednesday on "Good Morning America".

BABY POOP: JAMIE-LYNN SIGLER gave birth to a baby boy on Wednesday. No other information other than "both mommy and baby are [doing] great" has been released.

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