ANGELINA JOLIE REVEALS DOUBLE MASTECTOMY: ANGELINA JOLIE has revealed that she had both breasts removed after her doctor told her she had a high risk of breast cancer. In a piece in this morning's "New York Times", Angelina says she was informed she tested positive for  the so-called "breast cancer genes" and that her doctors estimated she had an 87 percent risk of breast cancer.

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"Once I knew that this was my reality, I decided to be proactive and to minimize the risk as much I could," she writes. "I made a decision to have a preventive double mastectomy," adding she went through three months of medical procedures, which were completed on April 27th.

In the nearly 1,000-word piece, Angelina says she chose to go public because "there are many women who do not know that they might be living under the shadow of cancer [and] I hope [they] can benefit from my experience." Angelina's mother died of cancer at age 56 after fighting the disease for nearly a decade. You can read the article here.

BABY POOP - IS BEYONCE PREGNANT AGAIN?: The buzz that BEYONCE is pregnant with child number-two just got a whole lot louder. According to TMZ, Bey’s people just announced that she has been forced to cancel her upcoming concert in Belgium because of “dehydration and exhaustion.” As for the rest of the tour, a rep for the singer says she’s "awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision."

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The speculation started after she did an interview last week where she talked about wanting more kids, telling Good Morning America, "I think my daughter needs some company." Bey then hit the red carpet wearing a dress with a high, belted waist that kind of hid her stomach. Photos taken on her current tour sportin' what some people suggest is a baby bump has only added fuel to the fire.(PHOTO)

CELEBRITY EYE CANDY - TIM MCGRAW: Fans of TIM MCGRAW have known for years that FAITH HILL'S man has an amazing body of work, but who knew he had such an amazing body?! Check out how ripped the dude is (PHOTO)

KARDASHIAN FAMILY NOT HAPPY WITH HOW KANYE WEST TREATS KIM: Is trouble brewing between the KARDASHIAN KLAN and KANYE WEST? An so-called insider sure makes it seem that way, telling RadarOnline, "The Kardashian family members, particularly Kim’s mom Kris, are growing increasingly concerned about how Kanye treats Kim."

Word is Kanye isn't big on spending time with the close-knit Kardashian clan, and "when he does," says the source, "it’s like he’s got eyes on the exit door to make a quick getaway." Kris is also concerned about Kanye's aversion towards the paparazzi -- especially since the family has made a name for itself by always being in the spotlight.

But Kim doesn't seem to think anything is wrong. The source thinks that's probably because she's infatuated with him -- "Kim expects to be treated like a princess. She always has been, but with Kanye she’s not and she can't even see it despite everyone telling her just how it is.”

PROSECUTORS SAY NO TO LINDS’ REHAB TRANSFER: LINDSAY LOHAN is determined to get out of Betty Ford, but it looks like she’s out of luck. It was reported over the weekend that Lindsay wanted to transfer rehab facilities because doctors at Betty Ford took away her Adderall. Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ she is going “crazy” in rehab and believes Betty Ford is too “old school” for a young person like herself.

She’s reportedly found another west coast facility which she believes is suitable, but prosecutors in California are “unbending” and will not let her move. From their point of view, Linds had plenty of time to find the right rehab center, and it's her fault for leaving things to the very last second.

CELEBRITY SIDEBOOB: Here's something you see almost every day, but still never gets old: RIHANNA showing off some side-boob ...


BABY POOP: A makeup-free NATALIE PORTMAN and 2-year-old son Aleph were photographed on their way to a friend's house (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

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HALLE BERRY'S baby bump makes it debut (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

CHARLIE SHEEN OFFERS DENISE RICHARDS MORE MONEY: You can accuse CHARLIE SHEEN of a lot of things, but not taking care of his children is not one of them. Radaronline reports Charlie offered to increase child support payments to Denise Richards now that she is taking care of his twin sons while their mom Brooke Mueller is in rehab.

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But Denise turned him down. “Denise was thankful for the offer,” said a source, “But declined because she has the financial means to take care of them herself. She isn’t doing this for the money.” Charlie currently pays Denise $55,000 a month for their two daughters Sam and Lola. He pays Brooke the same amount for the boys, Bob and Max.

Speaking of Brooke … if you recall, she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold and her children taken from her custody earlier this month. Now we know why. TMZ says that "on May 1st, a man who was at Brooke's L.A. home called 911 to report she had assaulted him. When cops arrived, Brooke was rambling about what she claimed were connections to the mafia. Sources say she told cops she had been in constant contact with the FBI for months about [her ex-husband] Charlie Sheen, saying she was giving them a ton of info that would 'bring him down.'"

Police reportedly believed she was under the influence and said she looked as if she hadn't slept for several days. Her four-year-old twins with Charlie were in the house at the time. The gossip blog says the drug that triggered the incident was Adderall -- the same drug Lindsay Lohan is craving in rehab.