AMANDA BYNES TOO 'DISABLED' FOR RELEASE: A Los Angeles judge has extended AMANDA BYNES' psychiatric hold for another month and put her in the custody of her doctors, not her parents.

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According to TMZ, the doctors who've reportedly been treating Bynes for symptoms of schizophrenia asked for and received an emergency conservatorship. They felt she wasn't well enough to attend a hearing to determine whether or not her parents will be granted control of her affairs. California law states that doctors can only get such an order if the patient is "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder."

BEYONCE CUTS OFF HER HAIR - CELEBRITIES REACT: You may have heard BEYONCE chopped off most of her hair. Well, after Bey posted three pictures on Instagram, the Internet went into a tizzy! It seemed everyone had an opinion, including other celebrities. Here's what some of them had to say about Queen B's pixie cut...

Our Facebook Fans weighed in on the 'controversy too and here's what they had to say about her new look.]

A lot of people thought the pixie hairdo was just what Beyonce looks like with her extensions or weave removed ... but her hairstylist revealed late yesterday that Bey did indeed have "great, thick long hair." She confessed to People she, quote, "got a little teary eyed" when she saw the photos because "it’s hard to grow hair out."

SIMON COWELL TO GIVE BABY MAMA HIS $15 MILLION CRIB: SIMON COWELL'S baby mama has hit the relationship lottery! Now that Simon is about to become a daddy, he’s planning to settle down in Beverly Hills, and insiders say he’s about to give Lauren Silverman his Beverly Hills mansion -- valued at around $15 million.

But don't feel too bad for him. He has a second, even more sprawling, home in L.A. he bought a couple of years ago that he's never moved into and London's Mirror says he'll hole up there and see the child, quote, “when he can.”

LAUREN SILVERMAN’S EX SAD HE’S LOSING SIMON: The estranged husband of Lauren Silverman is reportedly more upset at losing Simon as a friend than the fact that his wife was cheating on him with his friend. Sources tell the New York Daily News, Andrew Silverman was just as enamored with Simon as Lauren was. “They met Simon on vacation and...were both taken by him,” claims the source. “Andrew didn’t give a sh*t they were having an affair as long as he could hang out with Simon and play on his yacht. But now that it came out like this, it’s different.”

But other insiders say that’s ridiculous. Said one Andrew pal, “The absurdity of the premise that anyone would enjoy the embarrassment of the world knowing their wife is pregnant with another man’s child speaks for itself.”

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - JENNIFER ANISTON TO WED THIS WEEKEND?: Jennifer Aniston was on The Talk Wednesday saying that she and fiancé Justin Theroux were not in a rush to get married. But is she trying to pull a fast one on us?

Sources tell London's The Mirror the couple is actually planning to tie the knot this weekend at their Bel Air mansion. They've supposedly invited guests to a party celebrating Justin’s 42nd birthday, and many believe it’s actually going to be a wedding. “They have gone to extreme lengths to keep it quiet – openly lying to friends to keep up the ruse,” claims an insider. “Apparently it is going to be a low key affair with a possibility of a bigger celebration later on in the year.” The date certainly has some significance. The couple got engaged exactly one year ago to the day, on Justin’s 41st birthday.

RIHANNA ON THE HOOK FOR $150K FOR GRANDMA’S FUNERAL BILL: What looked like a very generous gesture by RIHANNA for her beloved late grandmother has turned into a $150,000 lawsuit. RiRi is being sued for failing to pay the aforementioned sum for the extravagant funeral this past June. TMZ reports Rihanna sent her grandma’s body back to her native Barbados for burial, but felt the $150,000 price tag was too steep, and allegedly only paid one quarter of the bill.

Meanwhile ... Rihanna posted another butt shot.


WILLIS WANTED $1 MIL A DAY FOR EXPENDABLES 3: Earlier this week, SYLVESTER STALLONE slammed BRUCE WILLIS for being “greedy and lazy” and now we know what he was referring to. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Willis was offered $3 million for four days work in Bulgaria on The Expendables 3, but demanded $4 million or he’d walk away from the project. Obviously, Sly said no and offered the role to HARRISON FORD who quickly saw that making $1 million a day was a good thing.

DETAILS OF CORY MONTEITH'S FINAL NIGHT EMERGE: There have been a lot of questions and speculation as to the circumstances surrounding the death of CORY MONTEITH, but his former acting coach says the people he spent his final night with are not to blame. Andrew McIlvoy tells People magazine, “They were longtime sober friends. Cory knew them maybe 10 years." McIlvoy insists those friends had nothing to do with Cory’s drug issues. “They were not using with him (that night),” he said.


R.I.P. - KAREN BLACK: Legendary actress KAREN BLACK died yesterday after a long battle with cancer. She was 74.

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Karen's big break was playing one of two prostitutes who drop acid with DENNIS HOPPER and PETER FONDA in the 1969 classic "Easy Rider". The next year she starred with JACK NICHOLSON in "Five Easy Pieces", which earned her an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe. More recently, Karen played Mother Firefly in ROB ZOMBIE'S "House of 1,000 Corpses".