AMANDA BYNES UPDATE - DOCS WANT HOLD EXTENDED: TMZ reports that medical professionals are seeking to extend AMANDA BYNES' 72 hour involuntary psychiatric evaluation hold by two weeks so they can properly diagnose her.

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Insiders say she is exhibiting signs of schizophrenia, and people close to her are convinced she is suffering from some sort of mental illness. Sources add that Amanda’s parents are also planning to ask a judge to put their daughter in a conservatorship like BRITNEY SPEARS' family did for her because they believe she can’t care for herself and is a danger to others. They wanted to do it before, but Amanda’s behavior never crossed the line so much that a judge would even consider taking away her freedom.

But after setting a fire in a random elderly woman’s driveway, and accidentally dousing her dog in gasoline and setting her own pants on fire in the process, Amanda finally crossed the line. [The dog is okay and is currently in the custody of Amanda’s parents.]

On the upside ... her bizarre campfire incident was so bizarre that she's not going to be charged with a crime. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that prosecutors are viewing her conduct as, quote, "non-criminal and rooted in mental illness" and believe she needs professional help, not punishment.

DID ADAM LEVINE BREAK ENGAGEMENT NEWS TO EX VIA TEXT?!: After ADAM LEVINE  got dumped by his longtime Victoria’s Secret model girlfriend, Anne V, he turned to her friend, fellow VS model, Behati Prinsloo. They broke up and then Adam dated Nina Agdal — even taking her on vacation to Mexico not even a month ago. Suddenly Adam turns around, gets back with Behati and pops the question! So how did Nina find out? Adam texted her to give her the heads up. A text???? Nina’s friends says she’s absolutely heartbroken.

CELEBRITIES BEHAVING BADLY - KANYE WEST WON'T FACE CHARGES: Remember last week when KANYE WEST went after a photographer at LAX because the guy had the gall to try to engage him in conversation?


That guy, Daniel Ramos, threatened to press charges for attempted robbery alleging that Kanye tried to steal his camera. Well, TMZ is reporting that law enforcement sources are telling them ‘Ye will most likely skate on those charges because there's no proof he was actually trying to steal the camera.The gossip blog thinks what will most likely happen is that Kanye will probably throw some money at Ramos to make any possible battery charges go away.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - KIM AND KANYE SPEND CLOSE TO A MILL ON TOILETS: KIM KARDASHIAN and KANYE WEST have reportedly plunked down hundreds of thousands on the commodes alone for their new Bel Air mansion. According to Britain's rarely-if-ever-reliable The Sun, now that their mansion is nearing completion they've started furnishing it and are spending millions of dollars doing so -- including shelling out $750,000 on four gold-plated toilets. (PHOTO)

Other lavish items the two have splurged on include six special-edition beds from the company that supplies London’s Savoy Hotel, costing $174,000 each, a kitchen with $750,000 of Electrolux gear and a Swarovski- encrusted fridge freezer. In fact, their taste is so pricey, the paper claims the interior will cost twice as much as the property itself.

LADY GAGA AND RIHANNA SHOW US THEIR SELFIES: LADY GAGA posted a picture of herself makeup-free and with black hair. Meanwhile, RIHANNA posted a selfie of her cleavage ...

BETHENNY FRANKEL'S EX WANTS DAUGHTER AWAY FROM NEW BOYFRIEND: BETHENNY FRANKEL'S divorce from Jason Hoppy continues to be ugly. According to Radaronline, Hoppy is asking the judge to prevent Bethenny from bringing daughter Bryn to Warren Lichtenstein's home .

Bethenny and Warren, who’ve been friends for 20 years, have been dating for about six months and recently vacationed together in Saint-Tropez. “Jason resents the fact that Bethenny has moved on with her life so quickly by hooking up with Warren,” claims a source, who adds Jason thinks Bryn spending time at Warren’s home is “very confusing” for his daughter.

IN DENIAL - BLAKE LIVELY: A rep for BLAKE LIVELY is denying an OK! magazine report that claims she and husband RYAN REYNOLDS are expecting their first child together.

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The cover of the tab reads, “Hollywood’s most perfect couple has some surprising news to share,” quoting an “insider” who said “It’s pretty obvious Blake is expecting a baby” because she is “glowing” and allegedly has a “baby bump.” But a rep for Lively begs to differ, calling the story “100% false" adding "Blake is not pregnant.”

BABY POOP: So JIMMY FALLON became a dad Tuesday. Watch him joke about his new baby daughter as well as the Royal Baby on his show last night ...