IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED, AMANDA BYNES HOSPITALIZED FOR MENTAL EVALUATION: Has AMANDA BYNES' crazy finally caught up with her? Like BRITNEY SPEARS before her, Amanda has been detained for mental evaluation after cops found her lighting a small fire in an old woman's driveway.

According to TMZ, Amanda was spotted starting a small blaze in the driveway of a random home in Thousand Oaks, California. She had a small gas can with her and was standing near the impromptu campfire when the sheriff's department was called. After asking her why she was there, Bynes allegedly gave answers incoherent enough for officers to put her on a "5150 hold," meaning she'll be detained for up to 72 hours for mental evaluation.

This actually happened in Amanda's old neighborhood, where her parents still live. But the woman who lives in the house had no idea who she was or why she'd want to light a fire in her driveway.

This comes on the heels of Amanda's run-in with cops on Sunday ... when she was briefly detained after trying to gain access to a retirement home. According to TMZ, management refused to allow her inside because they thought she was drunk, and accused her of trespassing. It is unclear what happened to Amanda following this incident, although there is no report of her being arrested. As for why Amanda is back in California, a source says she ran out of money and couldn't find a place to live in New York City.

Meanwhile . . . Radar Online says that Amanda's parents are considering obtaining a conservatorship, just like Britney Spears' parents did. They quote a source as saying, "Her parents are absolutely sick with worry about their daughter. They have previously met with lawyers to discuss the possibility of taking legal control of Amanda's life."

For the record, Amanda hasn't been charged with any crimes, so doctors can release her at any time, if they think she's not a danger to herself or others.

BABY BOOM: The celebrity baby boom continues. One day after PENELOPE CRUZ and HILLARY SCOTT of LADY ANTEBELLUM both gave birth to daughters, JIMMY FALLON has announced he’s a dad! The Late Night host and wife Nancy Juvonen Fallon welcomed a baby girl on Tuesday. Like the Royal Baby, Fallon's baby doesn't have a name yet -- or at least it hasn't been revealed.

LADY GAGA SHOWS US HER PICS: LADY GAGA is so edgy and goth! Girlfriend got herself a nose ring. You know, the kind that makes one look like a bull.

CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE - CHRIS BROWN PLEADS NOT GUILTY TO HIT-AND-RUN CHARGE: CHRIS BROWN appeared in a Los Angeles court yesterday and entered a not guilty plea to a charge of hit-and-run tied to a fender bender accident in May.

Brown allegedly bumped into the back of a car and supposedly left the scene of the accident without providing correct insurance information. That charge, and one for driving without a valid California driver’s license, was dropped on Tuesday – but not the hit and run after a minor traffic crash. That one he’ll have to answer to on August 15, that’s when he’s due back in court.

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN'S FASHION CHOICE HORRIFIES THE INTERNET: Sure it’s fun to dress little girls up in cute swim gear, but some people think KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN has taken it too far. Kourtney put her 1-year-old daughter in a two piece and many on the World Wide Web of Judging Parenting Skills are horrified with what the little girl was wearing. Click on THIS LINK to peep the pics and weight in on the controversy.