IN DENIAL - ADELE: ADELE hit up Twitter yesterday to deny the Life & Style magazine cover story that she and her baby-daddy secretly got married earlier this summer. She Tweeted, quote, "I'm not married . . . Zzzzzzz."

But a few of the not-always-reliable British tabloids aren't convinced. A 'Daily Mail' source insists, quote, "They did get married, and I was present. It was a fabulous occasion. Adele was dressed in a classic attire and Simon looked very smart and joyous."

ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER LINDSAY LOHAN BEHAVING BADLY STORY: A dressing room trailer that was created for ELIZABETH TAYLOR has been damaged to the tune of $100,000, and the owner is blaming LINDSAY LOHAN.

A Liz Taylor fan named Angel Alger lent it to the Lifetime network back in July to use in their movie "Liz & Dick". Alger says they promised she'd get it back in better condition, but instead it was returned in worse shape. (PHOTO)

Alger says it there are now cigarette burns on some of the the furniture and on a portrait of Liz, (PHOTO), a mirror, dishes and other glassware were broken, and some things were missing -- including an antique rocking chair that Liz used to sit in every night after filming and a brush that may have still had some of Liz's hair in it. Alger thinks Lindsay is partly responsible because she claims a studio employee told her Linds and her friends had access to the trailer every night after filming.

But Lindsay's overworked rep says na-ah. Lindsay WORSHIPPED Liz, and would never destroy her belongings. Quote: "This has nothing to do with Lindsay. You should ask the producers about it."

Speaking of Lilo and the 'Liz & Dick' producers ... you know that unpaid $46,000 Chateau Marmont bill we told you about yesterday? Lindsay is saying the producers of the Lifetime movie were supposed to pick up the tab, but sources tell TMZ she always knew her hotel expenses were her responsibility.

Producers did give her a one-time only advance of $5,000 against her salary so she could move into the hotel, but the source says they never ever suggested they would pay for her to stay there.

Meanwhile ... Lifetime yesterday released some new images from the upcoming television movie. Check 'em, yo ...

LADY GAGA'S 'VOGUE' COVER AIRBRUSHING EXPOSED: LADY GAGA graces the cover of the latest 'Vogue,'but apparently the magazine's editors weren't happy with the face Gaga, body or skin she was born with. Pre-airbrushed photos that hit the 'net yesterday show clearly how her skin was touched-up and her waist minimized.

You have to admit it's pretty ironic they did this much retouching to a woman whose mantra is "Born This Way"

BABY POOP: TORI SPELLING pushed another one out yesterday! Spelling gave birth to a baby boy -- her fourth child with husband Dean McDermott. Finn Davey McDermott weighed in at six-pounds, six-ounces and 20-inches long.

LEANN RIMES CHECKS HERSELF INTO REHAB: One day after partying like a rock star on her 30th birthday, LEANN RIMES checked herself into rehab yesterday to deal with "anxiety and stress issues".

Despite constant speculation about her skinny frame, her rep insists LeAnn’s not there to deal with drug abuse or an eating disorder -- although that would certainly explain those bikini photos of her looking emaciated, no? (PHOTO)

On a related note ... Rimes has sued two women she claims illegally taped a conversation with her that has now hit the Internet. The suit alleges the women, Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, are supporters of Brandi Glanville, ex-wife of LeAnn’s husband Eddie Cibrian.

LeAnn says she called Kimberly trying to get her to stop posting negative things about her on the Internet, and Kimberly illegally recorded the conversation, which, taken out of context, paints LeAnn in a “false and negative light.” She is suing for invasion of privacy.

SIMON COWELL TO THE RESCUE!!!: SIMON COWELL is being credited with helping to save the lives of nine people whose boat sank in St. Tropez the other day. According to reports, Simon was on his boat with his former girlfriend Sinitta when he received a “may day” call about a sinking vessel.

Simon told his captain to head out to the sinking boat. When they got there, he sent a smaller boat out to collect nine passengers and bring them back to his yacht. Simon's crew even helped patch up the other boat and pump water from it.

BABY POOP - HOLLY MADISON’S BABY DADDY FACES 13 YEARS BEHIND BARS: HOLLY MADISON sure picked a winner of a baby daddy. The former "Girls Next Door" star announced that she and boyfriend Pasquale Rotella are expecting their first child in March, but hopefully he won’t be behind bars when the baby is born.

According to 'People' magazine, Rotella was indicted this past April along with six others on 29 counts of bribery, embezzlement, conspiracy and conflict of interest in Los Angeles. Rotella allegedly rerouted more than $2.5 million from the venue to pay off city officials. If convicted, Rotella faces up to 13 years in the slammer.