Did Secretary of State, former First Lady, Hillary Clinton go nekkid?  Why, yes she did, and she says, she'll do it again!

There is a growing trend of celebs tweeting pictures of them going nekkid, well, at least with nekkid faces, and apparently, Hillary Clinton has taken it one step further by showing up at important political events around the world sans fards, as the French say!

Hillary has always been the target of haters, for her earliest days in the political spotlight -

... to her headbands -

... to her attempts at being a glamourous First Lady -

... Hillary hasn't really had a lot of good press about how she looks.  And now, as ABC News tells us, people aren't focusing on her hard work as our Secretary of State, they're worried about her hair and makeup!

Mike is going to post a picture of me without makeup on Friday.  I'm just glad I don't have to have the kind of press the former First Lady has to deal with!  What do you think about Hillary's "I don't care what I look like" stance?