I'm a huge chicken when it comes to haunted houses. I won't go through them, even though I'm perfectly aware that they are fake. But I would hope that I wouldn't freak out like the guy in this video. I almost fell out of my chair watching this guy lose his mind in what looks like a pretty tame haunted house.

Here's a couple of things to think about while you watch this video - why is the girl leading the way? He's way bigger than she is, but he's hiding behind her like she's a linebacker. Is she wearing pants? I can't tell if she is wearing leggings or a really short skirt that gets pulled up by the guy. Did she not know what a wuss this guy was before they went in? I'm guessing he sleeps with a nightlight and a teddy bear. Finally, why did he go through the haunted house in the first place? I'm just glad he did, but I would recommend going to the bathroom before you hit play. You might pee your pants with this video!