Sometimes when you drive a lot for work, you can get bored being in the vehicle all by yourself. This guy shows us what to do during those times. 

Youtube User mastekz hv

This video has just started to get steam online and after 30 seconds of watching it you can see why. An EMT working is making calls when all of a sudden the song on the radio gets him into the dancing mood. Next thing you know, he is showing us why voguing has became popular in nightclubs. I could use a couple dance lesson from this guy!

If you era the comments on the video on Youtube, a lot of people were upset that he is inside his ambulance, dancing around having a good time. The thing is, he is in contact with his operator during the entire dance session. If there was an emergency happening, the man would most likely stop his dancing fun and get down to work. But there wasn't an emergency. What do you think? Do you think the man should be reprimanded for his behavior while on the clock? Or was it innocent fun, and people should enjoy the opportunity to see some great dance moves when they have the chance? Watch the video and judge for yourself!