As you may already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. All month you're going to see serious ads informing you on going out and getting your exams. I know this is a serious subject, but isn’t laughter the best medicine? Check out these funny memes and remember to do your self-exams every month.

If humans can't convince you, some cute cats in bikinis can!

Even if you must drag your friends, get an exam!

Okay, forget the cats. Ryan Gosling should be able to get women running to doctor's offices or maybe you also need to get your eyes checked.

Remember, folks. No exams from random strangers on the street.

Now that I have hopefully but a smile on your face, make sure to go out sometime this month or whenever you can to get an exam. Don't let creepy coworkers take a look, pay a visit to your physician as soon as you can.