Most of us had the standard, soft-lens, respectable high school yearbook picture our senior year.  But one Colorado teenager thought her senior picture should look like her Playboy tryout picture...

Sydney Spies and her mother thought this...

would be the way she wanted to be remembered in her senior year high school yearbook!  She looks like she's heading to the main stage instead of to higher education.

Little Miss Thang says she feels like her right to freedom of expression is being surpressed by the meanies who won't let her shake her groove thing in the high school yearbook.  She pulled out the old "I just don't want other people to go through this," defense out when asked why she's considering legal action against the school district to get her photo in the yearbook.

Unreal.  And if you're wondering what her mom thinks of all this - well, she spearheaded a protest in front of the high school in support of her little darling!

Hey, it works for Pimp Mama Kris Kardashian, right?

By the way, this goofy girl is me in my senior yearbook picture!