I love gardening.  Ok, I love gardening, but gardening doesn't love me.  I do not have a green thumb.  I can put stuff in the ground or in pots, but very rarely do I get the lush results I really want.  Put me in a kitchen, and I can make anything, but put me in a garden, and you should really have a trash bag handy for my green, leafy victims.  One of my favorite places to go get help with my less-than-green thumb is Sunset Gardens on the westside.

I first went to Sunset Gardens a couple of weeks ago, and was stunned by all the amazing plants.  The place looks like the Garden of Eden!  But as I was carefully picking out the next plants to die an untimely death at my hands, an employee walked over and asked where I was planning to plant them.  I told her they were going to go in a planter in a spot in my yard that gets brutal, all day sun.  She gently pulled the plant from my hands and steered me towards the plants that wouldn't be toast after one day in that spot.  I took her advice and the plants look great.

The nicest thing about Sunset Gardens is that they are locally owned, so your money stays in El Paso, and they totally understand the crazy weather we have around here.  Check them out - they're located at 105 Lindburgh, off Doniphan.  Give them a call at 581-2504.