This is El Paso boxer Antonio Escalante’s mug shot taken after he was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated earlier this week. What’s with the silly grin, bro?

Surely being found asleep behind the wheel of car that had the engine running and was in gear in the parking lot of a Howdy's is not one of your proudest moments. So why would you -- why would anyone -- smile for a mug shot?

Legal experts say some of the toothy smiles can be attributed to the arrestee still being under the influence, some are nervous, some are the result of the person joking around with the cop prior to he or she taking the photo, and some express their amusement because they know the photo will end up on Internet.

After viewing cell phone footage of Escalante speaking with EPPD I’m thinking in his case you can, as Jamie Foxx famously sang, “blame it on the a a a a a alcohol.” Whatever the reason was Tony, it came off as if you were making light of the situation in a dismissive way.

Trust me when I tell you I will avoid doing anything that will result in me taking a mug shot in the first place, but if I ever end up on the wrong side of the law I hope I at least have the good sense to take an old-fashioned contrite and expressionless booking photo like my co-worker Duke Keith did. And I hope even more that I look half as good as Newschannel 9’s Adrienne Alvarez doing it!