Hey fellas, getting a little something-something on the Holiest of All Romantic Days is going to cost you.


A new survey has concluded exactly how much you'll need to spend this Valentine's Day if you want the evening to end with you getting your swerve on.

-- If you're single, your Valentine's Day date will cost you an average of $257. That covers dinner, drinks, and whatever else you feel you need to do before the woman you're with feels like you've earned a Valentine’s Day shag.

--If you're married, count on spending about $203, mostly in gifts, to make sure your night doesn’t end with her uttering the phrase, "I really want to but I'm so tired. Let's do it this weekend, okay?"

--And, finally, if you're in a long term relationship but not married, you make out better than the rest of us poor saps. You only need to spend $180 on dinner and a gift to reap your reward of “we're not bored with each others bodies yet" sex.