Summertime can be a scary time for El Paso kids who might go hungry because they rely on school meal programs to get fed.
Providence Children's Hospital has stepped up to help kids in El Paso who struggle with hunger by kicking off its Healthy Over Hungry Cereal Drive.

The drive will help El Pasoans Fighting Against Hunger Food Bank provide healthy cereals for breakfast to kids in the area who otherwise might not get breakfast.

If you would like to help with a donation, the drive begins this Friday, May 29th, and runs through Friday, June 5th.

You can drop off donations of healthy cereal at the following locations:

The lobby of Providence Memorial Hospital, 2001 N. Oregon
Sierra Medical Center, 1625 Medical Center Drive
Sierra Providence East Medical Center, 3280 Joe Battle
Total Care West, 601 Sunland Park Dr.
Total Care East, 2400 Trawood
MedPost 601 Sunland Park
MedPost East 9100 Viscount
MedPost Kids, 12371 Edgemere.

If you would like to donate money, you can go to the El Pasoans Fighting Against Hunger website and donate online.