Fort Bliss Commanding General Dana Pittard accidentally sold a family heirloom Bible at a yard sale, and he is in biiiiig trouble for it!  Let's help him find it!

Pittard writes a column for the Fort Bliss Monitor, and in it, he asked for help in finding the missing Bible:

"I am still looking for the lady to whom I mistakenly sold a family heirloom Bible last month at a yard sale. The nice lady was driving a gray/silver Mercedes Benz sedan.  I am still in the dog house over that Bible! Please call me at (915)744-6988 to return the Bible or come to the yard sale at my house (302 Sheridan Road on Fort Bliss) this Saturday, May 4th. Thank you!"

Let's help Major General Pittard get his family Bible back!  If you know who bought it, please let them know how important it is to the Pittard family to get it back!