Meet Gabby. She needs all the help we can give her. All just for something so simple that we all take for granted, getting around easily.

Gabby was part of the school swim team as a freshman at Jefferson High School here in El Paso. During a practice dive, she dove incorrectly and hit the bottom of the pool. She severed her neck at cervical 6 and instantly became paralyzed from the neck down. That same evening, March 2, 1995, she went into a life-altering surgery. Her C6 was replaced with part of her left fibula because the bone had been completely crushed. After the surgery the doctors were not certain how much movement she would regain, but after much occupational and physical therapy, Gabby was able to gain a lot of her upper body movement.  Today, she is able to move her arms and upper torso, but lacks any movement in her hands and fingers.

This brings us to what Gabby needs, a new wheelchair van.

The last few months have been challenging for Gabby and her family. Her wheelchair van is in constant mechanical failure, leaving Gabby almost completely dependent on public transportation. Accessing and utilizing public transportation has been challenging, at best, and not the easiest to navigate. Nonetheless, Gabby continues to balance her work obligations, studies, and volunteer commitments. Finally, at the end of 2012 her dear van died!

A new wheelchair van or all accessible vehicle would help ease the stress of commuting between home, school, work, and volunteer commitments that are currently restricted and limited to hours of operation for public transportation. It would also assist her in achieving her goal of becoming Rehabilitation Counselor and inspiring others to achieve great things.

If you’d like to make a donation to Gabby, you can do so through Paypal in this link. 

You can join Gabby's Facebook Page and see all the ways to donate and help!