Every now and then, you read about a group of kids doing something that just warms the cockerels of your heart and gives you hope for the future of society. This is one of those times.

Students at Linden High School in Michigan just appointed Danny Leideker, who suffers from Asperger's syndrome, manager of their football team, and voted him on the homecoming court.

At first, the boy's father, Wayne, was concerned with his son's classmates' intentions. Kids can be cruel with those different from them, and their actions  can sometimes be dubious at best.  But it turns out his fears were unfounded.  "I got a lecture from a 17-year old! He [told me], ‘You don’t get it, Mr. Leideker. We love Danny. We love him for who he is,'" Wayne said.

As the football team manager, Danny will ride on a float as part of the homecoming court during a parade on October 5.  Dad says he's really excited and most looking forward to throwing candy.