After 6 seasons of Sookie Stackhouse, her Vampire Bill, and that eternally hot (if you'll pardon the pun) vampire Eric Northman, HBO has made the shocking decision to throw 'True Blood' into the sunlight.  Season 7 will be the end of 'True Blood'.

I've been a huge fan of True Blood since it's first season when Vampire Bill first came out of the coffin and fell in love with waitress Sookie Stackhouse.  I even stuck with them when they went through that whole Maryann fiasco that took up a whole dang season!

And now, after everything we True Blood-ers have been through, they're only going to give us 10 more episodes?!!

The good news is our fave nekkid viking vampire, Eric Northman will be back, even though the season 6 finale made us think that he died a fiery, and nekkid, death.  HBO says there will also be more direct human-vampire relationship storylines in light of the Hepatitis V threat.

There are already details about ‘True Blood’ season 7, that you can check out.  I know the series has had it's ups and downs storytelling-wise, but I thought season 6 really got back to the heart of what made True Blood so good.

What about you?  Are you sad to see True Blood die, or is it time to shove it out into the daylight?

Yeah, there are other more graphic depictions of what daylight does to vampires in Bon Temps, but this one had Alcide AND Eric mostly nekkid, so that's why I chose it!