DID YOU SEE ... Things I've Come Across on the Internet Today: El Paso police officers helped a woman deliver a baby in the parking lot of their own command center.

An Australian man described as "the neighbor from hell" is now pointing the finger at other residents of his street -- literally. He used a chainsaw to create a four-foot high sculpture of a middle finger that now stands in the middle of his front yard. His lawyer says the man is trying to adopt "new strategies" to avoid conflict. Seems to me like he needs to work on it some more.

The new Spider-Man is half-black, half-Hispanic. He takes over for Peter Parker, who was killed in Ultimate Spider-Man Issue 160 in June. The new Spidey's name is Miles Morales. Or maybe that's his porn name. Hmmmm.

It's a man, baby! Police in Alabama are hunting for a woman who robbed a bank disguised as a man. She apparently drew on a fake beard with a Sharpie.

The Bud can gets a makeover.Anheuser-Busch has updated the can's design for the first time in ten years. The new look features more red and a bigger bow-tie logo.

Mariachis playing at a wedding in Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium entertained more than just the guests. They serenaded the aquarium’s beluga whale, which seemed to sway along to the music. Just like my drunk uncle, Roy.