Do YOU have an iPhone and don't know what applications to install with all the thousands of choices?! Well, here are some I finad AWESOME and FREE!

#1.)  Sit or Squat.  It tells you where the closest public restroom is, and ranks how clean they are by telling you whether to "sit" or "squat"! lol Sounds useless, but hey when you gotta go, you gotta go!

#2.)  FastCustomer.  It lets you contact customer service at 2,600 different companies without waiting on hold.  You just choose a company from the list, and they automatically call when someone's available.  Now this one is great for all you complainers out there!

#3.)  Find My iPhone. This one only works with Apple products, but it's great!  It lets you install a program on your computer to track your iPhone using the GPS.  So if you lose it, or someone steals it, there's still hope! I've used this just playing around and it actually pin pointed my phone in our bedroom on the dresser! It's crazy!

#4.)  Dragon Go.  It's a voice recognition program, and it's supposed to basically help you find ANYTHING.  I don't know if it specializes on finding a wife or husband but it works on everything else! You might have seen ads for the computer version on TV.  But there's a free version for iPhone users.

So there you go! Downlad happy my friends!