[Note: This article was originally posted in October of 2012. The home is private property. Please do not trespass or bother the homeowners.]


Frequent guest and paranormal expert Henry Flores with the Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society dropped by MIKE and TRICIA mornings, and this time shared some ghost audio from their investigation of the infamous Patterson House.


The disappearance of Margaret and William Patterson has been an enigma that has given rise to much speculation since 1957.

Accounts of what happened to them have ranged from they were kidnapped, to they left everything behind to start a new life elsewhere, to one or both were killed and their bodies buried somewhere on the grounds. In fact, local legend has it their spirits haunt their old house on Piedmont.

You can read a more thorough account of their disappearance and the many theories that abound here. As for ghost audio Henry provided, listen below to what the Paso del Norte Paranormal Society's investigation uncovered.

Woman's cry: This was captured near the front door as they were setting up the equipment

Isolated and amplified:

Shriek/mournful cry :

Isolated and amplified: