A few weeks ago I asked all 17 of listeners of Mike and Tricia Mornings to submit photos they had personally taken that they thought were of a ghost or a ghostly nature. The following is a sampling of what I received. Because of the proliferation of technology and Smartphone apps whose sole purpose is to scare and/or fool people by imprinting ghostly images, I cannot vouch for any of the following photo's authenticity. I have published them as they were sent to me along with the accompanying text. As always: We Report, You Decide!

The first photo submitted for your scrutiny is via my morning partner in crime, Tricia Martinez, who writes ...

“Darren and I were in Ruidoso with friends and we were walking down a completely dark dirt road by the cabin we had rented. There was nothing in front of us except road, no cabins, cars, nothing. Darren, who doesn't believe in ghosts, said he felt like we were being watched. When we looked at the picture later, it looks like there’s a figure or figures standing on the side of the road.”

Submitted by Gilbert Navarro:

Twas a normal day taking pictures for a friend of mine at EPHS. I asked my friend, "wouldn't it be crazy if looking at the pictures we could spot the ghost that haunts this school?" Well, I get home and am going through the pictures and guess what? I spot a figure in one of the windows. If you look at the lighting, there is no light shining on the window to give it reflection.”

Submitted by Ash:

“The picture was taken on October 15th, 2011 at about 11:30ish PM as part of a Ghost Tour. We were at Concordia Cemetery in the Infant Nursery Section where the babies are buried. The woman in the picture said she felt someone tugging gently on her coke bottle, so we took a picture of it. I think the white streak by the coke bottle looks similar to someone’s hand reaching over trying to grasp the coke bottle.”

Submitted by Edith Bermudez:

“These are pic's of my daughter Raquel and I on Halloween night of 2008. It was eerie, because when family members noticed, they also took pictures in the same spot and there was no strange lights or aura."

Submitted by Ana Garcia:

“It's a pix of my daughter & niece n in my old house, this spirit was very friendly n a jokester, n she would make our day, with her tempers sometimes!”

Submitted by Liz E. Rodriquez:

“My nephew was taking pictures in his bedroom late at night at his home. He says he took this picture sometime in September 2011 late at night. He couldn’t sleep so he started snapping pictures in his bedroom. His name is Marcos.”

Submitted by Jennifer Holder:

“[I took these pictures] a few yrs ago when visiting St Louis Cemetary in New Orleans. The feeling was tooo weird...so I decided to return to the French Quarter. But not before taking a few pics.”

JUST ASKING: Do you think any of these photos are of ghosts or of a ghostly nature? Do you think any of these have been faked? If so, which ones?

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