If it wasn't for the Internet, I don't know how people like us who live way out here on the edge of Texas would be able to keep up with the latest lip dub and dance crazes. The one going around online right now is called the "Harlem Shake". The "Harlem Shake" is a dance that's been around for decades and involves swaying your shoulders backwards while you shake your forearms.

The videos being uploading to Youtube, though, are mostly just people convulsing and waving their arms around in pretty much any way they want to. And although it's not the proper form, it doesn't make them any less entertaining.

Harlem Shake - Hoy Fox VW Edition

KFOX 14 Newsroom Edition

Paydirt Pete/UTEP Edition

Chapin Baseball Editon

Montwood High School PreCal Edition

If you and your friends, family, classmates, or co-workers have done the Harlem Shake, submit the video link in the "leave a comment" box below. And if you've already grown weary of the increasingly ubiquitous and annoying craze, you'll get a kick out of this one.