Ah, Lloyd Dobler... He's the anti-hero that birthday boy, John Cusak, played in 'Say Anything' from the awesome 80's.

And, it's not that I don't love me a fresh-faced John Cusak, but, I also re-fell in love with my boy in the often overlooked 'High Fidelity' from 2000. 

John plays Rob, a schlub who owns a struggling record store and lives with Laura, an up and coming lawyer who is quickly outgrowing Rob, but still sticks around because she loves him and only wants him to be a better him.

But, like every guy, Rob thinks that the grass is always greener anywhere the girl who loves him isn't.  They break up, she moves out, he realizes, after many, many Top Five lists, that she's the one for him.

Here's the Top Five list of Things He Misses About Laura.  Take note, fellas - that's all I'm sayin', especially to Number 3.  Ladies, I hope you have a guy that misses you like Rob misses Laura, or appreciates you enough to keep you so he doesn't have to do a Top Five list of Things I Miss About Her.

And here is the final scene when Rob finally realizes Laura is the one for him - yay!

Happy Birthday, John Cusak!