Jenni Lutz, the 2012 Hanks graduate featured on an episode of the CBS-TV show "Undercover Boss" last October, is going to be on the show again. Only this time she’s the one going undercover.

Jenni, who worked at the Menchie's location on Rojas and George Dieter when the past episode was filmed, was called upon by the CEO of the national frozen yogurt chain to go incognito and assist him in covertly checking on an L.A. store location. Gotta make sure they’re spreading smiles one mix at a time, you know! This is her in disguise. Whoa, huh? Big diff!

If you follow the show, and I do because the wife and I love these feel-good types of shows, then you know the boss can be pretty generous and usually rewards hard working-employees. In Jenni’s case last fall, CEO Amit Kleinberger loved her “positive attitude” so much he gave her $25,000 for her college education at UT-Arlington and a family vacation to Disneyland.

Watch Jen go the "extra smile" in her original appearance in the video above and the special “Undercover Employee” episode this Friday, March 7, at 7 p.m. on KDBC-Channel 4.