I'm at a friend's house right now and we were talking about kisselpaso.com.  She was asking how we find all the funny videos that we post.  While I was showing her a couple of websites that I go to, we found this one.

A little background - there have been more than a couple of adult beverages consumed today, so I hope you find these little hapless hamsters as funny as we do.  If not, you should drink a pitcher of mango margaritas and then watch!

How highlarious was that?!!  Those are the goofiest hamsters I've ever seen!  I can't believe there wasn't hamster throwup all over the place!  Too bad there wasn't a tiny camera to take their pictures like the ones in Vegas when you ride those terrifying rollercoasters on top of the hotels!

Ok, I'm off to make another pitcher of mango margaritas!  Good night!