The website took a Halloweenie survey! The top 10 WORST candies given away....are you a bad candy giver?!

In my David Latterman Voice....Numberrrrrrr........10.)  Candy Corn.  They're a Halloween staple, but they're also always the last thing kids eat. And in my opinion just down right nas-tay!

9.)  Jawbreakers.  Halloween is about tearing through as much candy as you can.  But with a jawbreaker, you have a chance of choking and drooling all over yourself. Candy FAIL. 

8.)  Wax Coke Bottles.  They're just too old school.  The syrup inside is okay, but they're definitely no one's FAVORITE Halloween candy.  And little kids who don't know better end up popping the whole thing in their mouth. GUILTY! And I chew on the wax like gum lol

7.)  Black Licorice. YUCK. 

 6.)  Wax Lips.  First of all it's like eating chapstick and secondly its just creepy. 

5.)  Mallo Cups.  They look just like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, but they're filled with whipped cream.  So you're always disappointed when you bite into one.

4.)  Raisins.  Obviously, they're healthier.  But that's not really the point of Halloween. Not a candy, therefore FAIL. 

3.)  Circus Peanuts.  They're the big peanut-shaped marshmallow things nobody eats.  And the word "Circus" says it's Halloween people! 

 2.)  Razor Blades.  Obviously, the idiots who made this list were just trying to be funny.  But they put them at number two just to drive home how much they hate their number uno pick.

1.)  Necco Wafers.  This one made number one just because their biggest gripe is that the company started making them all-natural a few years back using things like red beet juice and purple cabbage instead of artificial flavors. But c'mon, its Halloween! We want candy! Not veggies!

So now parents a word of advice to you, GO with your kids trick or treating and WALK WITH THEM to the strangers door. Also CHECK THEIR CANDY. Don't be dumb please lol