Gwen Stefani is on a popular TV show, and she has a new single that's charting on the Billboard Hot 100 — but her personal life is what's keeping people riveted lately.

Yesterday (November 11) a report from US Weekly claimed the death of the pop star's marriage with Gavin Rossdale officially came when she discovered evidence of his affair with their nanny on Gavin's iPad. Now there's a brand-new rumor: Gwen is allegedly pregnant with Blake's baby(!?!?!?!&*#$%?!).

British celebrity tabloid Ok! asserts that the singer is expecting, and the fetus wears a tiny cowboy hat. “Gwen made an appointment with a doctor in late October, after signs pointed to her being pregnant,” the unnamed source says. “She’s already changed her lifestyle in preparation for the possibility. And Blake would be thrilled to finally become a dad."

“He’d love to have a son he could raise to be an outdoorsman, just like him,” the source also wildly speculates tells the magazine.

Neither Gwen nor Blake's camp has confirmed or denied the story. They only just acknowledged on November 4 that they had started dating, and both are recently divorced, so the story sounds like just another case of Gossip Mag Baby Fever. But then, accidents do happen, right?

Only time, and an update from the stars' reps, will tell. In the meantime, Voice viewers will continue to watch. And wait. And scan for clues.