"When I Come Around"? For Green Day that would be over a decade later. The "punk rock" band will be passing through El Paso on their way to SXSW in Austin and making its first stop in the Sun City in 13 years.

Tickets for Green Day's March 13 Tricky Falls show will go on sale at 10 a.m this Friday and will only be available online at holdmyticket.com. There's a two-ticket limit, and, to prevent scalping, the person who buys the tickets must show up to claim them on the night of the show.

Be warned, though,Tricky Falls only holds about 1,500 people and even at the pricey $51 plus service charges, a quick sell out is expected. Plan on taking your coffee break at 10 a.m. Friday if you want to have the "Time of Your Life," or risk being an "American Idiot". (See what I did there?)