Help Wanted!

If you are a parent with a teen that will be out of school this summer and you want to keep them busy or they are asking if they can work this summer? Then check out my top 10 list of great summer jobs.

It’s a great way to keep them busy while they are out of school all the while learning how to be responsible, learn the value of a dollar and a real life experience!

Lifeguards: You can apply at the Y or any community pool around the city or any country club. Just think – you can get paid to work on your tan! You can also look into cleaning pools too!

Landscaping/lawn-care workers: A friend of mine has his kid going all over the neighborhood and scheduling routine basic yard work and lawn mowing services for the summer.

Camp Counselors:  There are tons of camps in the summer time here in El Paso – check out and go from there! Perfect, if your teen loves to be creative and work with kids.

Nannies / Babysitters: Nothing beats babysitting! You don’t have to dress up and you make some decent money plus you make new friends and you get great references in the end!

Golf Caddies: If you love to be outdoors in the summer time this is for you and if you love golf well then it’s a plus! Look into golf courses around the city for job inquiries.

Dog Walkers: Pet owners who are busy are always looking for a great dog walker. Start asking around you neighborhood or post a flyer at your local supermarket and word of mouth helps too! Great exercise and extra money in your pocket too!

Youth activity coordinators: The city of El Paso offers this position. Jobs may vary but here’s another way to spend the summer making money, being creative and working with kids!

McDonalds: Don’t knock the fine world of fast food! One of my first jobs right out of high school was working at an Arby’s. Plus, chains like McDonald’s even has a program for trainees where you get college credit!

Retail / Customer service: Ahh the wonderful world of customer service! If you are a people person then this is for you! If you love talking to people, answering questions and making people happy then go for it! Anything from working at the mall to being a cashier…your options are limiteless!

And if all else fails…try talking to your family, friends or their co-workers. There may be a part time position available for the summer that can kick start your income before heading back to school! Good luck!