Whether you’re looking to drum up a five-course feast or simply bake Christmas cookies, the Internet is an excellent resource for you to find holiday recipes. Here we point you directly to five of the best web sites where you can take time to explore what to make this holiday season, or pinpoint a recipe for something you already have in mind.

1.     Food Network

Not surprisingly, the web site of the Food Network offers an array of holiday recipes, everything from a spiced-ham Christmas dinner to eggnog ice cream.

2.     Allrecipes.com

This web site boasts more than 8,060 holiday cooking recipes – complete with ratings, reviews and tips. Recipes are also organized according to topics like Christmas cookies and holiday parties.

3.     Martha Stewart

Don’t miss out on Martha Stewart’s web site, where you can find some less-ubiquitous holiday recipes like those for finger foods and fudge.

4.     101Cookbooks.com

This site is one woman’s “recipe journal” focused on natural, whole foods and ingredients. Here you can check out directions for “bulgur, celery and pomegranate salad” and “vibrant tasty green beans,” among other dishes.

5.     Taste of Home

This magazine web site can help you create a holiday menu with appetizers, main dishes and sides, as well as desserts. It also has ideas to help you decorate and entertain.