While delicious, chocolate sometimes gets a bad rap and is considered the main culprit for packing on those pounds.  If fear of adding mass has you thinking about skipping this year's A Chocolate Affair, here are some great health facts that may help change your mind.  Get your tickets at ticketfly.com and join us on the January 31st at the Wyndham El Paso Airport Hotel.

  1. Chocolate Helps Prevent Bad Cholesteral - Chocolate is FULL of the same antioxidants that protect your heart that are found in wine.  Pair the two of them together and you're all set.
  2. Chocolate May Help You Live Longer - It may seem counter-intuitive, but there is research that suggests candy eaters live almost a year longer than non-candy-eaters.
  3. Chocolate Won't Cause Acne - Acne usually isn't a problem once people are out of their teens but scientists have concluded that eating chocolate will not cause acne.
  4. Eating Dark Chocolate Will Make Your Dentist Happy - Dark chocolate has a high cocoa-to-sugar ration that not only discourages tooth decay but ALSO leads to fewer cavities and whiter teeth.
  5. Chocolate Can Help With That Pesky Cough Of Yours - There's an active ingredient in chocolate called Theobromine.  Theobromine suppresses activity in the nerve that causes coughing.

There are a bunch more benefits to be found for chocolate eaters.  Click here if you'd like to read more about them.  We'll see you on the 31st!