Barbie better watch out! These 'goth dolls' are about to steal her popularity!

Monster High dolls have become the second best-selling line of dolls worldwide. Barbie is still number one but she could be taking the backseat to the girls she would probably push in the school hallways.

These freakishly awesome dolls are boosting Mattel's sales since Barbie purchases have declined. The new generation of young girls seem to be getting tired of this perfect blonde and want these monster inspired dolls, such as Draculara, Clawdeen Wolf and Ghoulia Yelps. They even have their own cartoons like Barbie!

Many young girls obviously love them but parents still have a problem with these dolls being too thin. I am just glad they actually made some unique dolls instead of the perfect blonde. Does your daughter's have these dolls, if so do you think they are a better option than Barbie? Let us know!