God or basketball – which would you choose? Well, when - not if - the Lady Miners beat South Dakota State tonight in the WNIT Final Four at the Don Haskins Center, that is going to be the question UTEP officials will have to answer. The son of Billy Graham is supposed to be preaching at the Don at the same time the WNIT championship game could be played at the Don. So who will win? God, or basketball?

Over 10,000 tickets have been sold for tonight’s game against South Dakota, but the question still remains about who will be in the Don on Saturday night. A win over South Dakota State would give Coach Keitha Adams and her squad the home court advantage for Saturday’s game. But, The Don has been booked for over a year by Billy Graham's son.

When word came down that the Greater El Paso Festival of Hope would be in the Don Saturday, UTEP officials said they were starting to look at the Pan Am Center in Las Cruces to host the game.


That, my friends, is a man of God. And basketball.

The decision isn’t final yet, and it’s not known where the Festival of Hope could be moved, but at least we know we wouldn’t have to play at the Pan Am! *sorry Las Crucens*