Kill it! Kill it with fire! Poking a spider doesn't make you brave, it makes you an idiot.

This guy is smart to not show his face on camera. He decided to poke this gigantic spider for some reason and he got what he deserved. You don't poke someone or something unless you want to get a reaction from it. Unless it's jello, that's just fun to poke.

Even poking people on Facebook is annoying. What is the point to that anyway? Did creators think that is the best way for people to get laid? My point is, poking isn't the greatest thing to do to spiders.

This video is the newest one that will be haunting your dreams. You might feel like spiders are crawling on your skin, as you watch this guy repeatedly poke this huge spider. It freaks you out because you know it's going to jump towards the camera, you just don't know  when. Share this video with anyone who is terrified with spiders and guess what noise they make after the video. I bet it's just like the screaming goat.