If you plan on driving on the westside this Sunday, you should get ready to be stuck in traffic hell. TxDot and the El Paso Electric Company will be closing down I-10 on both sides for most of the day.

From 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, El Paso Electric will be relocating power lines. Both sides of I-10 will be closed down between the Executive Center Interchange and the Schuster Interchange going east, and between the Mesa Exit 19A and the Executive Center Interchange going west.

TxDot says if you are heading east, all traffic will have to get off at Executive Center. You can go left onto Executive Center, right onto Mesa and then left onto Wyoming to get back to I-10.

If you are headed west, all traffic will have to get off at the downtown Mesa exit, turn right at Mesa, then go all the way up Mesa to the second Mesa on-ramp at North Desert Blvd. You will have to travel quite a way on Mesa, and so will a lot of other people, so start planning an alternate route now. Or stay home and drink hot chocolate and eat cookies.

Make your plans now to avoid getting caught in the mess that will inevitably happen.