Fire is a good thing.  It does amazing things to a steak, and there is nothing more romantic than sitting in front of a roaring fire sipping a glass of wine with your snookums.  But, it can also rip through your home in a matter of minutes and reduce everything you own to ashes.  Here's how to help prevent that from happening.

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There have been a couple of house fires this year started by appliances.  One home went up in flames earlier this year when a clothes dryer caught fire.  Another fire was blamed on a dishwasher.  And earlier this week, another clothes dryer caused a fire at an El Paso home.  But, a fire can also start because of faulty wiring, or from an unattended candle.

The takeaway is that you need smoke alarms in your home.

Tomorrow, you can get a free smoke alarm, and get it installed by firefighters from the El Paso Fire Department.  The free smoke alarms will be handed out at Mission Valley Elementary School on Saturday morning from 8am to noon.  You can also schedule an appointment to have the fire department install your smoke alarm.

And while you wait, you can check out the hot fire fighters, I mean, the super cool fire trucks that will be on display at the school!

Mission Valley Elementary School is located at 8674 North Loop.  Go get a free smoke alarm!