Today is July 11th, or 7-11, and Oh, Thank Heaven it is!

That wonderful convenience store we all know and love is going to celebrate their namesake day by giving away free Slurpees from 11am to 7pm.

See what they did there?  They did the backwards thing with the numbers because it wouldn't make sense to sell them from 7am to 11am!  They  are such a smart corporation!  Yes they are!

I know I will be indulging in a Coke Slurpee because they are heaven in a cup with a long straw!

I grew up back in the day when 7-11 had a catchy little jingle on their commercials, so as I anxiously await Free Slurpee Day, I'll just hum along to some old-school nostalgia!

Oh, Thank Heaven, and thanks 7-11!