You have entered my weekly blog about what bugs me throughout the week! It’s a great way for me to blow off steam about morons, or things that urk me! lol This week…

POOP! Other dogs poop that is. This week's blog was my husband's idea. Recently he has noticed big, huge, nasty dog dookie's in our front lawn. Now our pup is small and is a backyard dog because the front yard has no fence, therefore it is NOT our dogs poo. This particular man is always walking his huge dog and conveniently passes right by our house. And I know this lazy guy ISN'T picking up poop! It's so rude, so disgusting and just down right wrong! PICK UP YOUR CRAP, MAN! GEEZ!

As a result, my husband put up this sign,

God, I love this But for reals it has gotten to this point! Ridonkulous!!!! POOP!