You have entered my weekly blog about what bugs me throughout the week! It’s a great way for me to blow off steam about morons, or things that urk me! lol This week…

So this week I decided to take a friends idea that she wrote to me is her message!

"Great subject for your "What really bugs me" page. Women who put their makeup on in the car on their way to work. Instead of taking the extra 5-10 minutes at home they do their makeup at stop lights, etc making everyone else late. Just thought I'd share."

Well, Cecilia I gotta agree with ya! How can you even put it on right while driving?! Not to mention how dangerous it is! lol These are indeed some talented people in a time crunch, but seriously just get up 10 minutes earlier! For the love of society and driving safe! Please! lol

If YOU have a pet peeve write to me about it and I may just feature yours!