Funkmeyers, the new "barcade" -- bar and arcade -- in east El Paso is getting a lot of hype over the nostalgic ambiance it has created. 

As you walk in the bar there is a wall covered in pictures of '80s and '90s classic movies and bands that will set you adrift on memory bliss! Cassettes, vinyl and VHS tapes sit on the shelves could be my personal collection, pawned a decade ago when iTunes made all my electronics obsolete. The arcade games and pinball machines were everything that I remembered from my Pistol Pete's days! I can rock a game of MS. PACMAN, but I never knew I was so talented even with a drink in hand. The bar atmosphere did not stop me from finishing Reptile on Mortal Kombat! Star Wars and the Simpsons Pinball are some of the few games that can be found at Funkmeyer's. However, there is only one of every type of arcade game in the bar, but even on a busy Friday night I was able to play every game I had my eye on.

Amy Licerio


Marie Licerio
Amy Licerio


There are two full bars with friendly staff and plenty of big screen televisions incase you stop by on game day! El Paso's famous food truck will be serving out of the Funkmeyer's kitchen starting next week!

The bar still caters to the younger crowd with the selection of music being played by the house DJ, but the neon lights of the games can't be denied. It was a blast from the past. I don't mind getting older, as long as there are places like this to remind me what it was like to be a kid!

Funkmeyers Rec Room
Where: 1506 N Lee Trevino
Hours: 11 am to 2am
Notables: In addition to pinball and arcade games,and (coming soon) Tacoholics can all be found at Funkmeyers Rec Room!