Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks! The number one reason why the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday! What's yours? I have some cool ideas for your fourth and how to celebrate.

1.) Move it to the roof. If you have a fairly stable flat roof ofcourse. It's always awesome all the sights to take in with fireworks all around and the mild warm summer night usually makes if perfect weather. Try it.

2.) Have a family/friends water balloon fight. This helps cool everyone off during these triple digits and throws in some summer fun.

3.) Make smores. I know this is generally a campfire tradition but why not make it a family Fourth of July tradition? And for added extra festivness buy the red white and blue marshmallows!

4.) Karaoke with the family! It's always a fun way to get everyone involved. Make teams!

5.) And finally for the adults, make Moscato jello shots! You can find the recipe simply online and they're an awesome way to cool down with some yummy wine!

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July!