Weird things are attractive too! So here ya go guys, these drive the ladies crazy!

1.  Stench -  Not all women want you to smell like cologne.  There's a lot to be said for just smelling like a MAN. I love the natural smell of my man, makes me want to ravish him!

2.  Your Imperfections -  Women are attracted to scars and blemishes because they tell a story. Any imperfection will do the trick, even a birthmark!

3.  When You Do Girly Things - Yes, some women DO like tough, manly men.  But there are just as many who prefer gentle, sensitive guys who are in touch with their feelings. Sometimes it's nice to have a man do something for you simply because they think it's a man's job. Let them!

4.  Being Weird -  Awkward guys means that they are into you so us ladies really dig it when a guy is "uncool" around us. Don't be afraid to let the weirdness show!


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