AS HEARD ON THE SHOW:  There's something called the Relationship Research Institute in Seattle, and all they do is study relationships. It's like "Cosmo" but with scientists instead of trouble making yentas.

Anyway, the founder of the Institute claims they've identified the three signs a relationship has long-term potential, and four signs it's in trouble.

 The three signs your relationship has long-term potential are:

 #1.)  Each of you is genuinely interested in the other's day-to-day lives, dreams, goals, likes, and dislikes.

#2.)  You ask open-ended questions and ask for more info and details.

#3.)  You show signs of affection like smiling, laughing, and touching.

The four signs your relationship is doomed are:

#1.)  Too much criticism.

#2.)  You both find yourselves getting defensive all the time.

#3.)  There seems to be a lot of contempt.

#4.)  Instead of talking out problems, you stonewall each other and shut down communication.