We already know that soldiers at Fort Bliss are heroes for their service to our country in both Iraq and Afghanistan, but to a 3 year old boy in Afghanistan, they must seem like SUPER heroes after they rescued him from a 30 foot well.

courtesy: US Army photo Capt. Jennifer Dyrcz

The 3 year old had fallen down the well on April 7th, and Afghan soldiers who were on a standard patrol, were told what happened after they saw a large group of civilians gathering around the well.

They contacted the Fort Bliss’ Courage Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment who are deployed at Camp Nathan Smith, and who are their partners on missions, to ask for their help.

US Army photo

When the first plan to get the boy out by rope didn’t work because he was scared, confused and having a hard time understanding what to do, the Courage Company got a backhoe to a dig vertical hole close to the well and then tunnel into the well to reach the boy.

Specialist Thomas Wirthlin, one of the soldiers said it wasn’t as easy as it sounds, because after digging seven inches down, it was like digging through cement, but the soldiers said they were determined to rescue the child

US Army photo

Six hours of digging later, the boy was pulled out of the well and into the arms of his anxious father.

He was examined by an Afghan medic who said he was not hurt by his ordeal.

Specialist Wirthlin said it was their pleasure to help the locals face to face because they all have young nieces or nephews at home the same age as the 3 year old, so it was great to help.

The Courage Company, 1st Battalion, 36th Infantry Regiment - SUPER HEROES!!!!