Working at 93.1 KISS FM is a lot of fun - we get to go to all our fun events for free, we get to have a blast on the air, and we get to wear pretty much whatever we want to to work.  But all that fun and games has a serious side as well, and tonight at Cool Canyon Nights, we get to give back to a soldier who has given so much to all of us.

If you've been out to Cool Canyon Nights this summer in McKelligon Canyon, you've heard us ask for donations to Townsquare Cares with the help of Scuds and Suds Carwash.  We tell our listeners that the money will go directly to help soldiers and their families on Fort Bliss.  Our troops and their families go through so much with long periods of times apart during deployments, a pretty meager pay wage, and the constant moving around from base to base.  That's why we teamed up with Scuds and Suds to help out.  Well, the money that you have donated at Cool Canyon Nights for the past two summers will be put to good use.  We are going to donate $5,000 dollars to the family of a soldier in need.

Sgt. Scott Horn is stationed at Fort Bliss, and his wife is ill.  She suffers from multiple ailments, and needs a number of surgeries to deal with those ailments.  However, the surgeries had to be put off because she would not have been able to recover from them while also caring for her children, one of whom has special needs.  Sgt. Horn couldn't take the time off because he needed to continue to bring in a paycheck to support his family. 

That's where the KISS FM listeners come in!

Because of the donations we have gotten at Cool Canyon Nights, and money we have gotten from our corporate offices under Townsquare Cares, we will be presenting the Horn family with a $5,000 check tonight at Cool Canyon Nights!  That money will help Sgt. Horn's wife, Melissa, while she recovers from the surgeries she so desperately needs.

I can't tell you how grateful I am as a military mom to all of our listeners for your donations at Cool Canyon Nights.  The fact that we can help a Fort Bliss family in their time of need and worry makes me want to kiss each and every one of you!  El Paso has always been a military town, and I hope that seeing the help our listeners have been able to provide will let our beloved troops at Fort Bliss know just how loved and appreciated they are! 

And to the Horn family - you have all the love and prayers and well wishes from all the KISS FM staff and management, and all the wonderful KISS FM listeners!