I know Instragramming videos of you flossin’ a wad of cash is a thing, but if the money is from a drug deal, it’s probably not the best idea.

A Fort Bliss soldier accused of selling a pound of methamphetamine to an undercover DEA agent posted a video showing off the one hundred dollar bills he allegedly received from the agent.

That alone would make him a candidate for Stupid Criminal of the Week, but it gets better.

According to federal court documents, when Derek Calderon, 25, met with the undercover agent he wore military fatigues with his surname on the uniform. During the drugs-for-money-exchange, documents state Calderon handed the agent an Army backpack containing the pound of meth. Inside the backpack was a cloth that also had his last name on it.

Days later he showed off some of those Benjamins on Instagram, bragging “This is what I'm about.”

The serial numbers of the bills in the clip matched the serial numbers on the bills the undercover agent used to complete the transaction.

Calderon has been charged with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute 50 grams or more of Methamphetamine, and distribution of 50 grams or more of Methamphetamine.

He’s currently awaiting extradition to Florida for prosecution.